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About the Documentary

"The Beer Next Door: My Four Year Adventure" Documentary Free Screening

Big beer is buying independent brewers.  In addition, big beer is disguising it's products as small “craft beer”...and the general public is unaware. The documentary “The Beer Next Door: My Four Year Adventure” looks at that trend and others. Watch the free screening on Thursday, November 16th at 7pm at the Good Nature Farm Brewery, 1727 State Route 12B Hamilton, New York 

For many, the allure of craft beer is the local community connection to the people who make the beer. The story of the beer is often times as important as the beer itself. Craft beer is the local phenomenon that has gone national and become an economic force.  With that national visibility, it has gained the attention of the big beer companies who dominate the industry. Big beer companies are faking their way into the craft beer market with deceptive marketing to appear as a small brewery product or buying existing breweries. “The Beer Next Door: My Four Year Adventure” explores the world of craft beer and finds the most important ingredient can't be bottled.   
 “The Beer Next Door: My Four Year Adventure” follows director Rick E. Lewis on a meandering path, following craft beer throughout New York state and beyond.  The journey begins four years ago when craft beer was enjoyed by an enthusiastic subculture of fans and continues to the mainstream popularity of today.   

Director Rick E. Lewis says, “During the four year time span this documentary was shot, you see the evolution in the craft beer culture, industry and people who brew and enjoy craft beer.” Four years ago the only local brewery in Oneida County was the FX Matt Brewery in Utica. Today there are five or six breweries and more are on the horizon. Lewis, who lives in Rome, NY, remembers when he first started following craft beer, “I always thought of craft beer as something that was made someplace else.  I soon noticed that in the many communities I visited, there were several breweries right next door to where I would stay-and some of those breweries were the sources of the craft beer I had been drinking in central New York. Today with several local breweries sprouting up nearby, I can enjoy the beer next door-literally.”